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Monday, 26 August 2013

Telugu audio talking cell phone conversation free download. best boothu audio collection sumty aunty talks at mid night to a boy talking about telugu boothu bommalu. also the quality of the phone conversation is upto the quality. cell phone recording audios are now popular because of the voice quality. telugu boothu audio talk recording software are available in different style some cell phone call recordings are given in free of cost. some of the phone call recording software have lot of advanced feachers such as pitch change voice distortion filter,frequency adjustments etc..Boothu telugu audios are most of them recorded in night time because the voice channel bandwidth is more efficient in the night time. Midnight booth audio call of auba aunty is more popular one in the year of 2012.

Boothu aunty Auba Cell phone call
Boothu audio recording

Boothu telugu cell phone call

audio call from any of the device we can record with some of the advanced recording software. in paid software contains advanced audio modulations and other improved voice quality adjustments. Telugu Boothu phone talk audio calls may sometimes very irritative only because of the background noise to avoid these noise you can use new cell phone recording systems.

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